As CEO/ CFO, Matt manages the direction of ICS from a business, financial, technical and customer service standpoint. He oversees all aspects of the business and ensures an excellent customer experience for all users. 

Matt has been with ICS since 2002 where he started an an entry level IT technician. He stills remembers his humble beginnings at ICS when he sat on a 3 legged stool in the back. He was promoted to CEO/ CFO in 2010. Matt earned his Master of Business Administration degree as a working adult from Iowa State University in 2011. 

Matt's career has focused on business growth with a highlight of helping to grow ICS 20-30% consistently each year boasting a portfolio with over 15,000 individual units in 16 states and counting. Since becoming CEO, Matt has emphasized and encouraged executing the highest ethical standards in the business and in 2017, under Matt's direction, ICS was awarded the Torch Award for Business Ethics by the Better Business Bureau.

Matt says "ICS has been an amazing company to work for and to watch it grow over the past 17 years. It is amazing what hard work and dedication and good customer service will do for the success of a business".

Matt's areas of expertise include business growth, management, exceeding customer expectation, relationship building, business ethics and efficient application of ICS team members.

Matt grew up on a family farm, loves the outdoors and boating. He has a wife and 3 children.