Vice President of Installation

Lance's primary role as VP of Installation is to make sure jobs are completed on time within budget and manage the quality of workmanship within the installation team. Meeting timelines with his high-quality standards has been a key to ICS's success. He has been with ICS for over 13 years.

Lance has many areas of expertise through his years of experience, most of which have been hands on, technical training, some college, many classes, seminars and the "school of hard knocks" as he calls it. His key achievements have been in the field of problem solving and tackling jobs other could not accomplish.

Lance started his own company after being in the low voltage and equipment industry for nearly 20 years. He started out plowing telephone lines in for residential houses which quickly expanded to trenching, boring, plowing and directional boring. He also installed water lines, septic systems, fiber optics, hard line, direct bury telephone cable and anything else that needed his expertise. ICS was one of his clients and he officially joined the ICS family as VP of Installation in 2006.  

Some of Lance's hobbies include motorcycles, classic cars, playing on a pool league in the winter, poker, car shows, camping and living life to the fullest. He has 3 children, Lindsay 15, Landan 13 and Cody 6.