ICS Advanced Technologies Internet offers an array of benefits to you and your residents that few providers can match. We bring in optimized Gigabit Fiber to your property with symmetrical upload and download speeds. Unlike bandwidth provided by cable companies, symmetrical speeds allow your residents to upload their data efficiently to cloud-based apps and software, such as iCloud, Shutterfly, and Google Drive and to take advantage of online backup utilities like Carbonite and Mozy. Individual residents also have the ability to upgrade their speed independent from what is being provided.

We utilize Ruckus Wireless technologies to serve your residents better and increase your property’s value. With ICS exclusive technology, your residents can connect privately with a personal, secure network for both wired and wireless devices on one building-wide network. Now, all devices are separate from roommates and neighbors but accessible to that resident. Our technology diminishes wireless interference and drastically improves the user experience.

Best of all, we have a team of experts with years of experience in the multi-family housing industry. Our team can customize your Internet experience with quality components that provide easy-to-use, reliable service. We are always available for local on-site service in addition to our 24/7 Iowa-based technical support.