ICS provides speeds up to 1 Gig in a variety of configurations based on building infrastructure and custom property needs. Internet speed varies by location, based on the contract service level selected by property managers and owners. For example, some management companies may only provide 3 Mbps as part of the included apartment amenity whereas others may provide 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 Mbps or even 1 Gig. Speed and performance can also vary by guest versus resident networks. Sometimes contracts set resident access at a faster rate than the guest network.

You may want to ask what type of Internet (wired, wireless, etc.) and speed is included with an apartment property before you rent. Typically, speed upgrade options are available through the ICS resident portal to give residents options beyond what comes included with the apartment. We even offer "gamer" upgrade options as building infrastructure allows, available for those customers who have higher performance needs.

As a general guideline, we recommend a minimum of 25 Mbps wired Ethernet or ICS Ruckus Wireless for current usage patterns like streaming Netflix. Older technologies, like VDSL and speeds below 20 Mbps can still provide basic needs like completing online courses, online browsing, email and some streaming, but you may experience more lag-time, drops and issues.

Sure, we wish everyone could have access to all of the crazy-cool technology and screaming fast 1 Gigbit Internet we have the ability to provide, but we also understand that it is very costly for management companies to make some of the necessary infrastructure upgrades to take advantage of new technology options. So, we work with property managers to customize solutions based on their needs.

If you have questions, please let us know. We love to talk tech!